Seamless aesthetic rooms where your heat or cooling system is hidden in you wall spaces or ceiling spaces

The advantages are clear allowing for completely seamless aesthetic rooms where your heat or cooling system is hidden in you wall spaces or ceiling spaces. At Heat Doc we use the Austrian made Variotherm products for Wall and Ceiling heating and cooling.

Wall heating compared to floor heating

Wall heating, in contrast to floor heating, introduces a unique approach to radiant heating systems. While both provide even and consistent warmth, wall heating is installed vertically on walls, making it especially advantageous for spaces where altering the floor isn’t feasible or preferred.

This vertical installation ensures rapid room warming due to rising heat, whereas floor heating offers the comfort of warm floors underfoot. The choice between the two often hinges on architectural considerations, individual comfort preferences, and specific room requirements.

Each has its distinct benefits, catering to different needs, but both promise energy efficiency and an enhanced living environment.

Modular Wall

For Drywall Wall Heating the ModuleWall and ModuleCeiling systems provide heating and cooling in one single system. This is a flexible panel system which is pre-assembled for installation in walls or ceilings. The system combines heating, cooling and wall structures!

Plastered wall

For Plastered Wall Heating and Cooling the Variotherm SystemWall and the EasyFlexWall are clever solutions all-round. They are heating and cooling systems in one. In the winter, they provide wonderfully cosy radiant heat.

In summer, when cold water circulates through the
SystemWall or EasyFlexWall (e.g. via a heat pump) they are wall cooling systems with excellent cooling capacities.

Modular Ceiling

Variotherm’s ModuleCeiling helps you keep your cool on hot days. Circulating cold water, which for example passes through a heat pump, cools the ceiling or walls of your house or office. and your energy costs will be extremely low too!

Heat Doc now supply a number of solutions to provide both heat in winter and cooling in summer, including Drywall Wall Heating, Plastered Wall Heating and Ceiling Cooling and Wall Cooling. Talk to us about the right solution for you.

Heat Pumps are rapidly becoming a primary way to provide comfortable & economic heating in Ireland.

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