Heat Pumps are a very convenient & incredibly cost effective way of heating your home

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a device that transfers heat energy from a heat source such as the ground, where a Ground Source Heat Pump is used, or from the air where an Air Source Heat Pump is used. The generated heat in turn provides a home heating source for hot water, underfloor heating, wall heating, radiators etc.

Heat Pumps are a very convenient & incredibly cost effective way of heating to your home or premises whilst also being exceptionally environmentally friendly. The Heat Pump has become the primary way to provide comfortable and economic home heat in Ireland removing the need for oil or Gas fossil fuels.

Heat pumps are a fantastic option whether you are building a new house or looking to upgrade your current heating system.

  • High energy savings – compared to traditional heating sources
  • Low operating costs and high return on investment
  • An environmentally friendly low carbon solution

Air Source Heat Pumps

The Air Source Heat Pump has become a very popular solution due to the fact that it can be installed without any major civil works. Air source heat pumps operate by extracting freely available renewable energy from the outside ambient air to provide Heating & Hot water for your home. The Air Source Heat Pump will operate efficiently extracting renewable energy from the outside ambient air down to as low as minus 25 degrees Celcius. This makes Air Source Heat Pump highly efficient in our mild Irish climate.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps allow homeowners to heat their homes via utilising the unlimited heat energy stored in the ground. They operate on the principle that the earth beneath the surface remains at a constant temperature throughout the year, and that the ground acts as a heat source in winter and a heat sink in summer.

Only a few feet from the surface there is an average temperature of between 6 – 12°C all year round. 

A Ground source Heat Pump uses this energy store by collecting it and transferring it via the Heat Pump to heat your home for year round use. 

In Summer time it is possible with a passive cooling module to link the house to a Borehole to provide free cooling via underfloor or wall making your home comfortable all year around.

Exhaust Air heat pumps

Exhaust Air Source Heat Pumps are ideal for smaller homes and perfect for Apartments where the heat pump is located inside and does all heating, hot water & ventilation. 

These Heat Pumps extract the heat in the outgoing stale humid air removed by extract vent from the bathrooms, utility & kitchen before its sent outside via external wall vent.

 The Exhaust air heat pump uses this energy by recycling it back into the hot water & radiators or underfloor system. Fresh air is introduced via wall vents making sure that the property is fully ventilated.

This system is very compact with ultra low energy consumption.

Water Source Heat Pumps

Water Source Heat Pumps or Water to Water Heat Pumps are an innovative and efficient approach to home heating. These systems tap into the latent thermal energy found in water, serving as a medium for heat extraction. These are ideal where there is an abundant water source such as a river, lake, sea or underground resource such as a high yield water well. Typically these heat pumps are more efficient due to the high incoming temperature the water, This could add 30% to the efficiency and output of the heat pump depending on the application and source  available.

There are many things to know about choosing the right heat pump for your home, and getting it installed correctly. We specialise in Air Source and Ground Source Geo-Thermal Heat Pumps. Talk to us about the right solution for you.
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