Heat Pumps are a very convenient & incredibly cost effective way of heating your home

The Air Source Heat Pump has become a very popular solution due to the fact that it can be installed without any major civil works. The air source heatpump will operate efficiently extracting renewable energy from the outside ambient air down to minus 25 degrees celcius

Cost-Effective Comfort

Experience efficient heating and optional active cooling with Air Source heat pumps. Utilise abundant ambient air as a readily available energy resource.

Proven Technology

We use air source heat pumps from proven manufacturers that use the latest technology, delivering high-quality performance while maintaining high efficiency & low operating costs. 

Economical Energy Independence

Investing in an air heat pump not only offers competitive pricing but also boasts low installation costs. Achieve energy independence swiftly and enjoy significant savings on energy expenses over time.

Air-Powered Sustainability

Rising energy prices are a challenge for everyone. Embrace the heat pump, particularly the Air Source heat pump, for efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions.

There are many things to know about choosing the right heat pump for your home, and getting it installed correctly. We specialise in Air Source and Ground Source Geo-Thermal Heat Pumps. Talk to us about the right solution for you.
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Heat Pump System Grants

With several easy grants available, Heat Doc are an SEAI Registered contractor (14855) with industry expert advice, guidance, installation and maintenance provided to make the grant process hassle free.

Find out more about how grants are helping Irish homeowners reduce energy costs.

Heat Pumps are the carbon neutral option to provide comfort & endless hot water while also capable of the most economic running cost compared to other sources.

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