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Installing heat pump solutions for Commercial and Residential customers in Ireland for over 20 years.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the renewable, low carbon alternative. This reliable, renewable heating technology delivers highly efficient sustainable space heating / cooling and hot water all year round.


Generate electricity yourself, anyone can do it!! Photovoltaic systems for the free onsite generation and storage of solar power. Solar Thermal systems can also provide a large proportion of hot water for free.

Heating Solutions

A high level of comfort, the complete heating and cooling systems offered by HeatDoc are suitable for all types of buildings


Fresh Air !! Indoor climate solutions that are comfortable and healthy and combine both economic viability and energy efficiency

The Technology provider for all your renewable energy needs

HeatDoc Designs, Supplies and Installs renewable energy systems that can generate all your Heating , Cooling & Hot Water Needs utilising the latest Heat Pump and Solar Technology.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating’s many benefits make it particularly popular when considering new buildings or renovation of existing dwellings. Underfloor heating offers an aesthetic and space saving solution, with the added comfort of warm floors underfoot.

Loops of piping are laid out in the floor structure over the Insulation and covered in a suitable screed. If you are used to traditional radiators you will notice the difference right
away. Heat from pipe loops below the floor spreads gently and evenly. As the entire floor surface radiates heat, you get the same comfortable, healthy heating in all parts of the room, plus economy from lower Heat Pump flow temperature.

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Wall Heating & Cooling

Many new buildings are option for a relatively new form of heat as well as cooling provision. Heat Doc have a number of solutions to provide both heat in winter and cooling in summer, including Drywall Wall Heating/Cooling, Plastered Wall Heating/Cooling and Modular Ceiling
Heating/ Cooling.

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Heat Doc have extensive experience installing heat pumps with Low Temperature Radiators and can advise you on the most suitable Radiators for your requirements.
We carry out room by room heat loss to determine the most efficient size to match your property whether it’s a new build or retrofit property. For more on this and a wide range of other options available, contact Heat Doc today.

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€6750 Heat Pump & BER Grant available

With several easy grants available, Heat Doc are an SEAI Registered contractor with industry expert advice, guidance, installation and maintenance provided to make the grant process hassle free.

Find out more about how grants are helping Irish homeowners reduce energy costs.

The highest level of expertise and professional service

Heat Doc Limited are specialist registered installers of energy saving technology’s, specifically Geo Thermal Heatpumps,  Solar Energy and heating solutions such as Underfloor Heating, Wall & Ceiling Heating and Low Temperature Radiators.

Retrofit / Upgrade

We can retrofit all properties with efficient Air or Ground Source Heat Pumps. Are You Looking To Make Your property more Energy Efficient & Comfortable? Talk To Us Today!


We provide full installation and commissioning service with professional installers that are trade qualified and trained in Heat Pump installation, service and commissioning.

Advice & Guidance

As consultancy experts we guide customers through Renewable Energy Grants and what will be the best energy solution.


At HeatDoc we provide full back up and service for all systems that we have installed. We are available emergency callouts or planned maintenance visits sustaining system efficiency and keeping manufacturer’s warranty valid.

Recent Projects

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Heat Pumps are the carbon neutral option to provide comfort & endless hot water while also capable of the most economic running cost compared to other sources.

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