We have a wealth of experience installing Underfloor Heating Systems, Wall and Ceiling Heating & Cooling, and the latest technology Radiators.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating’s many benefits make it particularly popular when considering new buildings or extensions to existing dwellings. Underfloor heating offers an aesthetic and space saving solution, with the added comfort of warm floors underfoot.

Heat from pipe loops below the floor spreads gently and evenly. As the entire floor surface radiates heat, you get the same comfortable, healthy heating in all parts of the room, plus economy from lower indoor temperature settings.

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Wall Heating & Cooling

Many new buildings are option for a relatively new form of heat as well as cooling provision. Heat Doc now supply a number of solutions to provide both heat in winter and cooling in summer, including Drywall Wall Heating, Plastered Wall Heating and Ceiling Cooling and Wall Cooling.

The advantages are clear allowing for completely seamless aesthetic rooms where your heat or cooling system is hidden in you wall spaces or ceiling spaces.  At Heat Doc we use the Austrian made Variotherm products for Wall and Ceiling heating and cooling.

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Radiators have come a long way with technology providing more economical, more environmentally friendly, and far more aesthetically pleasing solutions for homes and public areas. Heat Doc have extensive experience and can advise you on the most suitable Radiators for your requirements.

For example, you might be forgiven for believing that at the low water temperatures produced by heat pumps, underfloor heating is the only suitable option, but now SmartRad for example offers a practical, cost effective alternative without the constraints associated with oversized radiators.

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Residential Energy Solutions

Whether you are a customer looking to upgrade or “retrofit” your homes energy technology for home heating supply or hot water supply, or if you are undertaking a completely new build or home extension, you’re in safe, expertly knowledgeable hands with Heat Doc.

We pride ourselves on our business growth, evident through continual word of mouth referral from satisfied customers, and a commitment to ensure your home is fitted with the best renewable energy technologies on the market.

Commercial & Leasure Energy Solutions

Heat Doc have a large number of clients in the commercial and leisure sectors. We have the expertise to guide and advise, through to complete supply and installation of industry leading geothermal heat pumps, solar thermal, solar photovoltaic and internal heating supply solution technologies.

We have successfully carried out extensive retrofit upgrades and new-build renewable energy installations on large commercial buildings.

Passive House Energy Solutions

“Passive House” is an ultra efficient building standard that saves up to 85% on your heating bills and ensures your house is always at an indoor temperature of 20 degrees with an extremely high level of air quality.

At Heat Doc Ltd we have a wealth of experience and expertise with passive house heating & hot water solutions that are tailored to suit the building and clients requirements.

Heat Pumps are rapidly becoming a primary way to provide comfortable & economic heating in Ireland.

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