Exhaust Air source heat pumps removes heat from the extracted stale air in small homes and apartments & recycle it back into the Heating & Hot water. #efficient

Exhaust Air Source Heat Pump is an energy efficient heating & Ventilation system. It extracts warmth from the extracted indoor air removed from bathrooms, kitchen, Utility and uses it to heat the space via radiators or underfloor and domestic hot water fro showers. The process involves taking stale air from the wet rooms , passing it through the heat pump located indoors, and then releasing the cooled air to outside. The technology is environmentally efficient, reduces energy consumption and provides a comfortable indoor climate. Ideal for apartments it offers a compact solution for heating, hot water & ventilation needs.

Recycling Energy

Exhaust Air Heat Pumps are energy-efficient solutions that harness heat from a building’s exhaust air, preventing energy wastage. They repurpose this waste heat, reducing your energy consumption.


Exhaust Air Heat Pumps are well-suited for small houses & apartments, making them a cost-effective choice to enhance energy efficiency. 

Improved Indoor Air Quality

An Exhaust Air Heat Pumps is an integrated heat pump & ventilation system, allowing them to work in tandem. This integration ensures that the air inside your building is continually refreshed and filtered. Stale air laden with pollutants is extracted from the indoor environment through the exhaust air, and the Exhaust Air Heat Pump captures heat from this air before it is expelled. This process not only conserves energy but also helps maintain a healthier indoor atmosphere.

Energy Savings and Sustainability

Exhaust Air Heat Pump not only recycle energy effectively but also promote sustainability. By reducing the demand for additional heating energy, they help lower your carbon footprint. 

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Heat Pump System Grants

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Heat Pumps are the carbon neutral option to provide comfort & endless hot water while also capable of the most economic running cost compared to other sources.

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