Underfloor heating offers an aesthetic and space saving solution, with the added comfort of warm floors underfoot.

Heat from pipe loops below the floor spreads gently and evenly. As the entire floor surface radiates heat, you get the same comfortable, healthy heating in all parts of the room, plus economy from lower indoor temperature settings.

Screed Underfloor

Experience the luxury of even, consistent warmth with screed underfloor heating. Designed for those who seek unparalleled comfort and efficiency, our system integrates seamlessly beneath your floor, offering optimal heating while preserving the beauty of your interiors.

Variocomp 20mm Underfloor

Variocomp 20mm Underfloor Heating offers a sleek and efficient solution to in-floor warmth. With its slim 20mm profile, it’s perfect for renovations or spaces needing minimal floor height addition. This system ensures consistent heating while maximizing space, making it a top choice for contemporary homes and spaces.

JK Retrofit Underfloor

JK Retrofit Underfloor Heating seamlessly integrates modern heating technology into existing spaces. Designed specifically for retrofit projects, this system delivers consistent and efficient warmth without the need for extensive renovations. Its adaptive design means that homeowners can now enjoy the luxury of underfloor heating without the hassle, making it an excellent choice for those looking to enhance comfort while preserving the integrity of their interiors.

We use the optimum EPS 16 Underfloor Heating system which is an ultra thin system specially designed for retro fit, or projects with restricted floor height. Talk to us about the right solution for you.

Heat Pumps are rapidly becoming a primary way to provide comfortable & economic heating in Ireland.

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