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Danfoss DHP-Opti-Pro+

Opti technology (including class A circulation pumps). The Optimum technology increases the annual efficiency by about 6% compared to standard heat pumps. Speed controlled circulation pumps guarantees that daily operation is always adjusted according to the user’s requirements and conditions.

Intelligent control system

Danfoss control system has been developed to provide maximum savings. The system uses an algorithm that ensures the lowest possible supply line temperature – while maintaining the desired indoor temperature.

Hot water production: HGW & TWS

The new patented HGW (Hot Gas Water heater) technology increases the annual efficiency of the hot water production by about 20%. Domestic hot water can be produced simultaneously with the heat production, providing plenty of hot water during heating season at a very low cost. The integrated TWS (Tap Water Stratification) technology provides 15% more hot water than conventional water heaters. The large surface area and orientation of the TWS coil ensure a plentiful supply of hot water.

The added “+” makes all the difference

+ Reduce energy consumption – Reduce your heating bills up to 75% with superior 4,8 SPF*
+ Great payback period – Significant savings means that the cost of the investment is paid back
+ More hot water – extra fast – Two state-of-the-art technologies enable 15% more hot water, quicker and at lower cost than any other heat pump with an integrated water heater
+ Classic and Scandinavian design – The elegant design is ideally suited to match any location.
+ Extremely quiet operation
+ Online control and monitoring – Safety and control through online remote control – anywhere and anytime
+ Low-cost air conditioning – Enjoy low-cost air conditioning in warm months
+ Pool heating – Cost-effective pool heating